Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knife Fight

I'm at work right now. I'm doing nothing. Just sitting. And I have been for a while. So, I said to myself "self, wouldn't this be a good time to blog about last night". And now that is exactly what I am doing.
Yesterday was Chris' birthday. The big two one. He said he was going to Brickskellers in Dupont with Karl, Kenny and Nick. After that, they were going to go to Irish Times and Erin and I were going to meet them there. That was the plan.
Well, they ended up drinking themselves into half a stupor at Brickskellers, so we went there to meet them. Erin, me, our roommate Ashley and Erin's friend David drove out there in Ashley's car. We got there at midnight. When we walked in Kenny and Nick were standing next to one another and they were the first two people we walked up to. I go to give Kenny a hug and then Nick. But Nick (being completely trashed) throws his arm out in front of Kenny, half knocks him over and throws his arms around me in this huge bear hug that nearly knocked me down. I tried to push him back onto his feet and Kenny had to grab him by the arm and pull him off me. A minute later Chris came over and gave me one of those "I'm drunk so I'm going to hug you and we'll sway back and forth for a minute" kind of hugs. He was trashed but in a great mood and drinking energy shots. Erin, David and I got a shot at the bar and the boys decided to go to Times because the bar was pretty quiet and they had been there for hours. Chris went outside for a cigarette while Karl, Nick and Kenny paid the bill. We told them that we were going to walk back to Ashley's car and we would meet them there, because they were going to get a cab.
When we went outside, I stood at the top of the steps to tell Chris we were going to meet him at Times, while everyone else walked down to the street level. Randomly, as I'm telling him this, some Asian guy standing next to Chris asks me if he can give me an obnoxiously big hug because he saw how I hugged Chris when we walked in. Apparently he'd been drinking with the boys all night. I just looked at him and was like "well, I've known Chris longer than anyone else here. That's why I hugged him." And I walked away.
Thirty or forty minutes later, the four of us are sitting at Times and Chris & co. still havent shown up. I text him and he responds wiht "complications. we'll be there soon." O...k... They got there a few minutes later and Chris and Kenny were all rialed up and hollering about a fight and the bill. Then Nick walked in. He had blood splattered on his shirt, his lip was busted open and he has a cut under his eye that was starting to swell. Apparently their waitress' boyfriend nad his friend got mad that they didn't leave a bigger tip so they came out and were yelling. Chris went back inside to leave the girl another $20 and these two guys start getting into a fight with Nick. Next thing you know, the boyfriend's friend pulls out a knife and tries to stab Nick. Kenny grabbed his arm from behind him, but they the boyfriend grabbed Kenny and pulled him back. For some reason Nick and Kenny were being held back, but hte guy with the knife wasn't restrained. Kenny said he was convinced at one point that Nick had been stabbed and started freaking out. Chris came back outside (after giving the girl a bigger tip) and was so pissed off. He wanted to go back inside and scream at the manager but Kenny and Nick just put him in a cab and they all came to Times looking a little worse for the wear, but just in time for last call.
After the bar closed we went back to campus and hung out outside and in the boy's room for a little while. Then I realized it was about 3:30 in the morning and I had to get up for work in 4 hours, so I went to bed.
In my opinion though, the best part of the night was the fact that I went out and had a shot of Absolut and three screwdrivers but didn't spend any money. Erin's friend David bought a round of shots at Brickskellers and then insisted on buying our drinks at Times too. I felt kinda bad, but hey, I didn't want to be rude and demand to pay for my own drink.

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