Thursday, May 7, 2009

Collegebox My Life

It's almost over! The end is in sight! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! ::insert other triumphant metaphors:: There is just one final that stands between me and summer. Unfortunately, that exam is philosophy and it may very well kick my ass. It is not going to be easy. I almost wish I'd had t on Tuesday and I had politics tomorrow. Then I could get away with not studying, because I'm mentally spent. I have no more energy to focus on anything.
On top of that, I had to get all of my shit packed for collegeboxes. They 're coming to pick everything up early tomorrow so I needed to get the bulk of my packing done today. I've got three boxes worth of stuff that I'm storing for the summer. Plus I'm leaving one box of stuff (mostly kitchen things), our beer pong table and the traffic cone with Erin Kilroy while I got home for three weeks. She's staying here and I think she'll be living with Liz and me this summer, so she said I could leave it with her till I get back. That's good because I've most likely got a car full of stuff to bring home. Some of it wont come back in June (like the tv) and I need to make sure I'll have room for the mini fridge to come back down. That will be my biggest challenge. I'm sure it will be fine though.
Ok, so I just got off the phone with my Dad. I told him I'm coming home Saturdya so that I can sleep Sunday, since I'm very sleep deprived. He followed that up with "did you call Eddie to get yourself on the schedule to work these next few weeks while you're home?" Is he kidding? I mean, yea I planned on working a bit while I'm home for three weeks so that I can make some cash to get me through the first two weeks down here, but my dad is like a slave driver. I just want to go to sleep! So now I have to call Harry's tomorrow to make sure that I can work for the next three weeks. God forbid I have a day off.
Well, I must go summon the will to study Aristotle and Rousseau. Not that it will be difficult, I mean who wouldnt want to study Aristotle and Rousseau all night? It's so much fun. Just... gag me now. Get it over with.

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