Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's a Sip of Wine, It's Summertime

I'M DONE!!!!! With papers, with the semester, with junior year. I'm done with all of it. It's amazing. I was convinced it would never end. But now its over and I'm home for the next three weeks. It's nice to be home and have nothing to do. It will be a relaxing three weeks. Then its back to DC for the summer!!! So excited!!!
So I'm watching The Sound o Music on ABC Family right now (god, I love having nothing to do). Last night I watched Notting Hill. Then it was on again this afternoon and I was compelled to sit and watch it again. Really, having nothing to do is fantastic.
Ahhh, so many season finales this week. I'm going to go nuts. Brothers & Sisters tonight. Twenty-four next week. Bones and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday. And I'm not working this week during any of them, which is sweeeeet. I'm only workng three days. I'm pretty sure my manager realized that I'd go crazy if I had to start working tomorrow morning.
Ok, I've still got a ton of unpacking to do. My mom is making me unpack everythign even though I'm going to school in three weeks. Very annoying!

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